Our Curriculum

Second Grade (Connor):

Math: RightStart Math, level C

Spelling: All About Spelling Levels 2, 3

Grammar: First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind

History: The Story of the World (and the accompanying activity guide); we're still working on vol. 1 (ancient history) and will move to volume 2 when we're done.

Reading/literature: Age appropriate versions of historical literature from ancient history, related historical fiction, and other selections with narration and notebooking as outlined in The Well-Trained Mind

Science: Life Science, narrating and notebooking as outlined in The Well-Trained Mind; we're finishing a study of plants, then we'll move to the human body, and then we'll switch to earth science and astronomy.  I haven't decided if we'll continue the WTM way or if I'll choose a more structured curriculum.  Sometime's it's just easier to have it planned out for you!

Handwriting: Copywork and Handwriting Without Tears (cursive)

Latin: Prima Latina

Writing: Writing with Ease 2

That looks like a lot, but we don't do everything every day (we alternate history/science, Latin/handwriting, and grammar/spelling), and most of the lessons (other than math) are very short--15 to 20 minutes, tops.

Kindergarten (Brennan):

Math: RightStart Math, level A

Phonics: Phonics Pathways

Reading (literature): "Storytime" portion of Little Hearts for His Glory (we already have it because Connor did it for Kindergarten)

Handwriting: Copywork, Handwriting without Tears

Spelling: All About Spelling, Level 1

Science and History: Tagging along with Connor


Bible: I'm planning to get Bible Study Guide for All Ages; it looks really good--I can't wait to start it!

Art, music: How to Teach Art to Children; I'm hoping to do artist and composer studies, some general music activities/learning, and possibly teach Connor to play the recorder.  Possibly. *grin*