Friday, June 18, 2010

I am in love.

Connor has been working on reading books for summer reading programs through Barnes and Noble, Borders, Half Price Books, and our local library.  He's already done with B&N and Borders, and he's finished a week's worth (at least 15 minutes/day for 5 days/week) for Half Price Books, so we went to claim prizes tonight.  B&N was typical--I enjoy going, but the prices generally make it easy to come away without spending too much money.  He chose The Cricket in Times Square as his free book (which thrilled me *grin*)--we've listened to it on cd a couple of times and he really likes it.  The book is probably still a bit above him length-wise, but he'll grow into it!

Then we went to Half Price Books.  Oh My.  I don't know if I've ever been in one, and certainly I haven't shopped there since we started homeschooling.  I really think I'm in love.  Lots of wonderful children's books--fiction, non-fiction, used, new . . . at incredible prices.  I picked up two favorite picture books (paperbacks) by one of our favorite children's authors, Jan Brett, for $.98 each: Berlioz the Bear and The Mitten (I've probably spent more than that on late fees for each of them at the library!).

Brennan chose another favorite for his "prize": Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (an absolutely adorable book!).  He's not big enough to do the official summer reading bookstore programs, but he is reading easy readers and working really hard, so mommy and daddy are kicking in the reward!

I spent time drooling over books that would perfectly compliment what are are or will be learning in science and history.  Hardback anthologies of poetry for children or fairy tales for less than $10.  DK science or history books for $6.  AND they offer an educator's discount that is open to homeschoolers (I signed up, of course).  After a while I was mentally goggling, "Wow!  These prices really ARE low!  Most of this is HALF of what B&N was charging!"  Then came the head-slapping moment--the store *is* called Half Price Books.  Duh.

It's a good thing it was getting late and I had the boys with me.  Otherwise I would have spent hours there--I only got a couple of glimpses of books for me . . .


  1. You are sooooooooo much your father's child!!! He'll be happy to know that another generation is being introduced so early to the love of bookstores! :)

  2. Yep, the bibliophilia gene is definitely alive and kicking. And of course I do everything I can to encourage it!