Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally--our Farm Lapbooks!

We finished these a while ago, but I just took pictures of them Saturday.  We had a lot of fun learning about farms, and as usual, I can't do anything the easy way, so they're pretty detailed.  Most of the things in each of them are the same, but there are a few things that I tailored to each of the boys.  Here we go!

Connor's Lapbook

Orange flap open

Green flap open

Blue flap open

Clockwise from top left: "Different Breeds of Horses" flag book (, "Farm Animals" barn shape book (I used the barn outline here but changed the pics),  "Egg Story" sequencing book (, "Apple Life Cycle" sequencing cards (
"Farm Jobs" exploding book, "Little Red Hen" story sequence cards (, "Types of Farms" layer book, "Books We Read" accordion book.  Not opened: "Farmers in the Bible" triangle book

"Barnyard Songs" accordion book (L), farm field trip book

"Farm Buildings" flag book, story narration matchbooks

Bible verse copywork (left, Psalm 104:24), "What Does It Come From?" tri-fold book with matchbooks inside (, "From Plant to Food" cards under "cultural" category in free materials)

Clockwise from top left:  "Farm Tools and Machines" tri-fold book, "Crops Grown in Texas" shape book,
"What is a Farm?" trapezoid shape book, "Farm Words I Know" fan book
"Types of Crops" shutter book

"What Horses Eat" accordion book (L;, under the "Science" section ), "Animal Families" tri-fold (top right; I made the mini-book myself, but he found the names for male/female/baby animals here at Enchanted Learning), "Why Do Farmers Grow Crops?" matchbook (bottom right)

"Where Does It Grow?" layer book (got this idea here but made my own version)

Brennan's Lapbook
(just a few pics to show different mini books)

Yellow flap and blue flap that was under it both open

Green flap open
"What Grows on a Farm?" triangle fold-out book (top), "Animals on the Farm" fan book (center), "Is It a Farm Animal?" shutter book (bottom), "Life Cycle of a Pumpkin" sequence cards (bottom right;

"Farm Machines and Tools" tri-fold (top), "Animal Families" T-book (bottom)
Clockwise from top left: "Seasons on the Farm" quilt square book, "Types of Farms" layer book, story narration matchbook, "Egg Story" sequencing book

Here are some of the books we used:

Our Farm by Michael J. Rosen

Farm Animals by Angela Royston

All About Farm Animals by Brenda Cook

Farms by Jason Cooper (Great Places to Visit series)

Farmers by Dee Ready

All Kinds of Farms by Ann Larkin Hansen

Busy Farm by Gabby Goldsack


Haystack by Bonnie Geisert

Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

Whew.  Actually, after looking over all this and getting everything together to post, I don't feel so bad that it took us such a long time to finish it!

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  1. Wow, that's amazing! You guys did a wonderful job and I love all the detail you put into their books.