Saturday, December 11, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

We ARE here.  We HAVE been getting school done.  But picture taking has been rather random (or non-existent), and I just haven't been getting around to posting weekly updates!  So I'm just going to post a bit about what we've been doing lately, school and non-school.

Connor has hit his stride with math over the last couple of weeks.  All the slogging through some things that were challenging has laid a good foundation--he can now add two-digit numbers mentally, something that I couldn't always do until teaching him with this curriculum (that was an unexpected bonus!).  He's pretty proud of himself, and it's been nice to have fun doing math lately instead of the battle that it had been for a while.  We're on track to finish the book right at the one-year mark, which was my goal.

In history (and reading, since our reading is tied to history!) lately we've been learning about King Tut, Moses/Egyptians, and the Phoenicians.  We had fun making unleavened bread when we read about the Exodus.

We've been plugging along with grammar, spelling, handwriting, and Latin as well.  Steady progress!

For Bible, we've been going through one of our story Bibles, reading a story or two per day and doing an activity to go with it.  We've been learning about Elijah over the last week or so.

A few random school pics (the couple of times that I've actually remembered to grab the camera!):

Working hard!

Using blocks to explore spatial reasoning

working on cursive "e"

Coloring the Sri Lankan flag in a mini book for our apple lapbook (based on How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World--Sri Lanka is one of the countries the girl visits in the story)

The finished flag

Recognizing/entering 10's on the abacus

And finally, some hands-on life learning: Connor's first dishwashing experience!  He did great, and insisted that he loves doing dishes--it's his favorite thing.  Yeah.  We'll remind you of that in a few years, kiddo!  And yes, this is the same episode--he got pretty wet and couldn't be convinced to wait until he was done to change.  Which meant that he had to change when he was done too. *grin*

Hmm . . . we have some Christmas stuff we've been doing, but I think I'll make a separate post for that! 

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