Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Exploring and Letterboxing at the Botanic Garden

Today was the perfect day to spend at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden--a nice, cool day after several days in the high 90's (I think we even hit 100* once).  We enjoyed a picnic lunch by a pond with a healthy turtle population, and the boys shared quite a bit of bread from their sandwiches.

Red-eared slider

We also did some nature study, checking out different plants and collecting leaves and other plant specimens for our plant unit.

checking out honeysuckle (again)

Nature study!  He's drawing a swamp rose.

Brennan drawing the fountain

Aaron got some really good pictures:

 There are a bunch of letterboxes hidden in the garden, and after lunch, we had a great time tracking some of them down--I think we ended up finding seven.

Great family time--what a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!  Oh, and Aaron got a kick out of a bumper sticker we saw on a van parked not too far from us:


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