Thursday, August 4, 2011

Read to Me: Amy Krouse Rosenthal + Books = Love

I discovered Amy Krouse Rosenthal's children's books a while ago and was instantly smitten.  Sweet, imaginative, and delightful with a quirky twist, the ones I've read have jumped quickly onto my "favorites" list.   I couldn't choose just one to review, so here are a couple!

The first one I read was Little Pea, a tale about a small pea whose life would be perfect if only his parents wouldn't make him eat all his candy before he can have his vegetables for dessert.  The boys giggled at the topsy-turvy situation, especially when Little Pea's favorite dessert was revealed.  Little Hoot (about an owl who wants to go to bed at night like his other animal friends but whose parents make him stay up and play) and Little Oink (a pig who loves being neat but whose parents strictly enforce "mess-up time") are in the same vein and are also not to be missed.

A recent favorite find is Rosenthal's This Plus That: Life's Little Equations.  It doesn't tell a story.  Rather, the book explores different "equations" involving ideas, people, actions, and objects. Page after page is filled with sweet, funny, and imaginative combinations; one of my favorites is, "somersault + somersault + somersault = dizzy."  Vibrant, playful illustrations by Jen Corace (who also illustrated Little Pea, Little Hoot, and Little Oink) perfectly capture the tone of the book.

Rosenthal's books are too good to be missed--if you haven't come across them already, be sure to check them  out!  You can find more books (including a few for grown-ups) and information at her website,

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