Sunday, October 2, 2011

Catching up again!

We have been getting some good schooling done over the last few weeks.  Unfortunately, I haven't been getting any blogging about it done!  We really have had 3 pretty good weeks in a row--this past week I actually got MORE done than I had planned.  That was definitely a first!  Connor took a 9-weeks test in math and a test in Latin and did great on both--only missed one question on the Latin test; he got the word right but wrote the singular instead of the plural.  He also only missed one question on the math test, and again, it was something he knew, he just didn't quite understand what the question was asking.  When I rephrased it after he finished the test, he explained it just fine.  Yay!!

We also got Connor moved up into Writing with Ease level 2.  I should have known that it would just be a matter of letting him get used to the idea--that's just how he works.  He's doing great--it's much more at his level.  And Brennan started with level 1!  I was a little hesitant because he's still technically in kindergarten, but the copywork he was doing for me was already longer than the copywork in WWE, and I was pretty sure he was ready to tackle the narration.  He's doing really well with it, and I think he likes having "big kid" work.

Anyway, here we go--instead of trying to post 3 weeks' worth of more detailed stuff, I think I'll just do a picture tour!

Nothing like a little upside-down reading to brighten your day. *grin*

Practicing using linking verbs to make sentences:

O'Clock memory

Connor got glasses.  He looks so grown-up.  Sniff, sniff.

Soccer season started (one reason I haven't been getting around to blogging!).  Handsome dudes!

Memory work is always better when done standing on a chair.  It's a proven fact.  Honest.

Working on math problems. 

Playing Corners (one of his favorite math games).

Matching clocks and times

Science notebooking page on seed dispersal

Fascinated with gladiators--we're studying ancient Rome.

Adding coin values

More science notebooking!

Brennan decided he wanted glasses too, so he made his own, plus a pair for his tiger. *grin*

First day of Writing with Ease!

Copying and illustrating a poem about months of the year to make a booklet.

Measuring . . .

More measuring . . .

Measuring and comparing . . .

More measuring and comparing!

We talked about ways we use plants other than food, and we sorted household items into the categories "plant products" and "not plant products."

We saw a rainbow (with a faint double rainbow).

And we made a new friend.

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