Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our New Addition

We've been adopted by a stray kitten!  

When we moved in here, our landlord clearly laid out a no animals policy, including outdoor cats (a policy which somewhat frustrated us as we've a few problems with mice!).  So after this one had been here a couple of days without showing any signs of moving on, we reluctantly called her and let her know, because Connor was already becoming pretty attached to the cat.  She said that she or her son would come pick it up and take care of it, and she did pull into our driveway this evening.  But she didn't get out, and a little while later, she called and asked if her son had come by to get it.  When I told her no, she asked where it was right now, and I told her that Connor was actually outside playing with it.  She asked if it would be hard on them if she took it away, and I said that it probably would be, but that they both knew from the beginning that we couldn't keep it.  She said something about it not being too bad if it was outside, but that cats are a hassle, etc., and sensing that she was softening, I let her know that we would really like to keep it and that we'd be sure to vaccinate and spay/neuter it, and she agreed--as long as it doesn't go in the house!
Both of the boys, but especially Connor, were THRILLED.  Aaron and I were pretty happy too--it's a cutie, and it was so clear that the boys adored him/her.  Connor has already bonded with it, I think.  It follows him wherever he goes in the yard, and he's been catching crickets for it to pounce on and eat.  We named him/her Confetti, because it's black with flecks of brown and white.  He/She is a friendly little thing--hardly shy at all!  I guess we'll be making a trip to the vet soon!

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