Friday, November 12, 2010

Benbrook Heritage Festival

We've had a chance to take some fun field trips/family trips over the last few weeks, and I've got the pics but haven't gotten around to blogging about them.  So here they come!

We went to the Benbrook Heritage Festival on purpose this year--last year were planning to go to the playground and happened upon it.  It was a bit hot for late October (even in Texas), but we still had a great time.  And they managed to learn a few things too!

Trying his hand at roping a "calf"

Ride that bull!

Checking out the model airplanes--they were fascinated!

The owners were very gracious about answering questions!

Friendly cowboy doing rope tricks--who knew what Flat Stanley was (you can see our Flat visitor in his breast pocket)

My little horse lover

Making sand art

Cow milking contest.  A couple of messy squirts and Brennan was DONE!

I have to admit I flinched a bit when they wanted to try the tomahawk throwing.  They did fine, though (fine, in the sense of not hitting anyone or hurting themselves.  Connor may have hit the edge of the target once. *grin*)

Connor was recruited (drafted?) by the Civil War reenactors.  I guess the package wasn't a sweet enough deal for Brennan, because he was definitely not interested!

Drilling with his new buddies

Holding up the train.  Must've been a Union supply train.

Lots of fun, FREE, hands-on stuff to do--a great way to spend a Saturday!

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