Friday, November 12, 2010

Catching up . . . again

I've been doing really well lately about doing all kinds of fun stuff (school and otherwise) and even about taking pictures, but not so much the blogging about it.  So tonight I'm going to try to catch up!  Coming up: school stuff, a couple of fun trips, and why we really love our vet.  Probably all in separate posts!

Here are some photo highlights of school from a couple of weeks ago.  We took a (much needed!) week off after that, and then this week has been hit-or-miss (mostly miss) due to a doctor's appointment, mommy illness, and a couple of other educational activities.  Ready to hit the ground running and get back into our routine on Monday!

We've been studying Psalm 23.  Here are a couple of activities we did:

Making a shepherd's staff

Making a shepherd's rod

Dressing up was their idea!

Science experiment to go with "My cup runs over": exploring the cohesion and surface tension of water.

Seeing how you can fill a cup with water above the brim and it doesn't overflow because of the surface tension.

Brennan getting his turn to explore

Seeing how the surface tension causes water to "stretch" up with your finger as you pull it away
How high will it "stretch?"

Math:  Exploring symmetry
Folding paper in half
Painting a design on one side
Closing on the fold and pressing to transfer the picture
Opening to see the symmetry!
"That's so cool!"
He folded the paper into quarters, drew a design on one quarter, and is poking holes around the shapes through all layers of the paper
Checking out the vertial/horizontal flipping and symmetry (this one was  a RightStart activity)

Hard at work on his honeybee notebook page

Drawing a picture after finishing his handwriting sheet

The finished picture: Brennan and Mommy hugging.  Reduced me to teary mush. *grin*

Now off to see if I can get another post or two done tonight!

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