Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Science: Learning about Plants, lesson 7.4: Fruit and seeds

For this lesson, we read A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds by Jean Richards, which fit perfectly with our lesson.  It discussed different kinds of fruits and seeds as well as how seeds are dispersed.  After we read the book, we moved to the table to check out some fruit for ourselves.

First we discussed what kinds of seeds each fruit might have--which one they thought would have the biggest/smallest seeds, which might have a pit, which might have many seeds, etc.  They each chose a couple of fruits to draw before we cut them open.  This turned into an impromptu art lesson on how to use shading to create a 3-D look.
Connor drawing a plum

Brennan drawing a kiwi

Then we cut each fruit and examined the seed(s), discussing what we found and adding a cross-section drawing to the pages they had started.  Connor also wrote a sentence about what kind of seed was in each fruit he chose to draw.

Showing off his finished plum drawings

He worked HARD to get his lemon cross-section drawing like my example.  There were a few tears ("good enough" was NOT good enough for him!), but he finally got it!

Finishing his kiwi drawing

Checking out a nectarine pit

Finishing his nectarine drawing

Brennan wasn't interested in trying any of the fruit (getting him to eat ANY fresh fruits/veggies other than apples is almost impossible, and he's not a huge fan of apples either), but Connor was game and found a couple of new favorites--kiwis and plums.
Mango (he already knew he liked mango)

Hands-on lessons are fun, but mouths-on lessons are even better! *grin*

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