Monday, September 5, 2011

SOTW Chapter 27: The Rise of Rome

Note: We did do chapter 26, we just didn't do any of the projects.

I'm so excited to get to Rome--the end is in sight!  We've been loving Story of the World, and I don't regret taking our time with it, but I was starting to feel like we'd never finish!  Chapter 27 covers the legend of the founding of Rome (Romulus and Remus) and some of the general history of early Rome.  In addition to SOTW, we read part of Life in Ancient Rome by Simon Adams (which I picked up at Mardel on clearance for $5!!).  We'll be reading a couple of pages at a time during the whole time we study Rome.  For the hands-on project we made the fasces, a bundle of sticks (we used straws) with an ax head that was a  Roman symbol of power.

First, he drew and cut an ax head out of cardboard.

Then he covered it with foil.

Then he bundled the straws and tied them, wrapping the yarn several times in one place, up and around the shaft, and then several times around the top.

Gluing the yarn into place

Then we put glue on the back edge of the ax blade and inserted it into the straw bundle.

Brennan's finished fasces!

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