Saturday, May 15, 2010

Love living in horse country!

Connor has been begging for a horse ever since he read his first Billy and Blaze book.  Although it took a bit of convincing at first that we couldn't get a horse ("But mommy, we can build a shed for it and it can run in Mrs. Parks' cow fields!"), I think he's pretty much resigned to dreaming at this point.  Living in an area known as the cutting horse capital of the world, we're surrounded by ranches and horses everywhere we look, and it's not unusual for people to ride horses down the road in front of our house.

This morning, the boys were waiting for Oma and Opa to come pick them up, and a couple of girls rode up on their horses.  I recognized one of them from the high school where I sub from time to time, and she came over to the driveway and asked if the boys wanted to pet her horse.  Connor went right over, and Brennan followed, although he was a little more hesitant.  After a minute, she asked if Connor wanted to sit on the horse (as long as it was okay with me).  He was thrilled, and she helped him up.

She asked Brennan if he wanted to sit on the horse too, and after hesitating a minute (which is really unusual--usually Brennan is more adventurous and Connor is more cautious!), he let her put him behind Connor.

(I didn't dress them alike--they did it on their own!).  Absolutely made their day, especially Connor.  Thanks, Randi!

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