Sunday, May 30, 2010

Snake Lapbook

For science this year we're doing life science, studying animals, plants, and the human body.  We're currently learning about different animals; some are Connor's choices, some are mine.  He reeeaaally wanted to do a lapbook about snakes, and I must admit that I found it much more fascinating than I thought I would.  Plus it's fun hearing him spout off random snake facts that I didn't even know he knew.  *grin*

Here are some pictures of the finished product.  Most of the mini books are from Homeschool Share, although some of them we simplified a bit, and we used several books for our information.

This is the first time we've used two file folders glued together as our base.  In previous lapbooks, I've used clear packing tape to add in cardstock pages/flaps.  We'll probably use both styles in the future.

Left side

"What Makes a Snake a Snake?" mini book

"Predators" oval accordian book and "Snake Senses" layered book

"Fangs" triangle tri-fold book

"A-Hunting We Will Go" T-shaped book.

"Snakes Around the World" mini book.  I adapted the Homeschool Share idea--simplified it to continents instead of countries.  We left out Antarctica. *grin*

"Defenses" mini book and "Teeth" matchbook

"Venomous Snakes" mini book and "Skull" mini book

Right side

"Rattlesnakes" pentagon tri-fold book and "Scales" covered flap book.  I made the rattlesnake book--we had a little extra space and chose one kind of snake to feature.

"Snake Habitats" flag book (I made this one).  Flag books look really impressive, but they're not really that hard to make. Instructions here.

"Slither and Slide" covered flap book (idea was from Homeschool Share, but adapted to fit the book we used) and "Vocabulary" triangle fan book

"Shedding Skin" wheel

"Who Eats What?" fan book

Pop-up snake just for fun!

Books we used:

Snakes by Adrienne Mason (probably the most useful)

Snakes by Gail Gibbons (this one was really good--good info but not too much and easier to read)

Snakes by Barbara Taylor

Fun Facts about Snakes by Carmen Bredeson

Slinky, Scaly Snakes by Jennifer Dussling

Rattlesnakes by Julie Fiedler

We've also had a great time seeing some of the things we've learned first-hand at MOLA--Museum of Living Art, the herpetarium at the Fort Worth Zoo.  It opened in March--perfect timing!


  1. How cool this lapbook. I took a look at Homeschool share and could no pass on signing up. Now, let me ask you, how long do you work on each unit? It seems to me that there are material on each unit to last few days, but I cannot accurately say. We are starting kindergarden this year and I am looking for ideas.
    Great blog. Thanks for sharing your passion and experience.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! We usually do our lapbooks "on the side" along with our regular school stuff, so they tend to take a couple of weeks. If we focused on getting it done, most of the time it would probably take about a week, I think. For this one, we did one or two mini books each day until we finished it. This was the first time I've used one available online--most of the time I make the mini books myself, which takes a lot longer.