Monday, May 24, 2010

SOTW Chapter 4: The Old Kingdom of Egypt

Mummies and pyramids--probably the most fascinating parts of ancient Egyptian history for kids.  I was kind of surprised, though.  Connor was interested, but not as fascinated as I thought he would be.  I think part of it is age, though.  We'll see when we come to ancient history again in a few years!

For anyone reading this who is familiar with SOTW and the AG, I hope I'm not disappointing you in confessing that I did not have the guts to tackle the mummified chicken.  Sorry.  Maybe it will seem a little less intimidating (and worth the hassle!) in a couple of years when the boys are older!  Our activity for this chapter didn't actually have anything to do with either section of the reading specifically.  We've been reading other books about ancient Egypt, so I chose an activity from The Ancient Egyptians: dress, eat, write, and play just like the Egyptians by Fiona MacDonald.

We used bendy straws to make models of the reed boats the Egyptians used on the Nile river.  They LOVED it, and so did I.  It was easy, quick, and did not involve chicken guts. *grin*

Connor making his boat:

What Nile river would be complete without crocodiles???

Adding passengers

When Brennan realized what we were doing, he had to get in on the action!

They spent a good 20 minutes playing with their boats in the sink, and they were eager to take baths later when I mentioned they could play with them again.  Definitely a fun project!


  1. What I blast! I found my way to your blog from the WTM forums, and am starting SOTW 1 next year with my kiddo's who will be 6 and 4 then. I'm even more excited after reading about your adventures on your blog! Thanks!

  2. I just found your link on the forums, too! Looks like you guys are enjoying SOTW!!! We just finished Ancients a couple of weeks ago, and we did many of these same projects! Hope you have a great time with your studies!! ;)

  3. The reed boats look like fun! I think I'll be adding that idea to our summer plans. We're working through Story of the World, vol. 1 as well. I couldn't handle the chicken mummy either so we're doing a fruity mummy instead.

  4. Thanks for the comments! We really are enjoying it. Glad to know I'm not the only one who's too chicken to do the chicken mummy! :)